• Original Nike AIR MAX 90 

    customized with Linchy Doodles. 


    Please see last photo for a Nike size chart.


    I will order "all white Nike AIR MAX 90" in your size, let them be delivered to my studio where I will Customize them with Linchy Doodles.


    After I 'm done customizing I will let them dry and fixate them so they'll be weather proof.

    Then I will send them out to you with a track & trace code.


    I use Angelus leather paint and finisher on the shoes that makes  it water resistant.  When you use and handle your shoes with a little care, it should stay pretty for a very long time.. but mind that your image is painted on the shoes so consider it being an artwork which can damage when scratched or squeezed in tiny storage or fade a bit when excessively used


    Will be sent out anywhere between 6 to 13 weeks after ordering.After sending it will take 2-14 business days to arrive! (depending on where in the world you live)

    Linchy Doodled Nike AIR MAX 90

    € 300,00Prijs

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